Terms & Conditions

  • Bidders are bound by principle of caveat emptor that is Buyer Beware.
  • All Vehicle are sold on “as it is where it is basis”.
  • All Vehicles to be inspected personally by the bidders /buyers before the event & bidding. E.g, Physical condition/ RTO Expenses/papers available with banks, NBFC & Individuals.
  • All RTO related issues need to be checked by bidders/buyers like blacklist, objection of non- transfer, penalty, hold & hypotication before bidding any Vehicle.
  • Bidder/Buyer is liable to transfer the Vehicle at his own cost within the period determined by the seller.
  • Year of Manufacturer or Registration Year and any Dealer liability to be checked by Bidder/Buyer before bidding.
  • Indemnity/undertaking or any kind of bond or agreement demanded by seller need to be fulfilled by Bidder/Buyer before delivery or release of the vehicle.
  • Parking charges applicable as per seller or parking yard terms & conditions. Buyer/ Bidder need to check the parking cost with seller or parking yard before placing the bid.
  • Bids once placed can not be cancelled
  • The successful purchase is to note that in case of non- payment of the vehicle within specified time, his deposit will be forfeited and his ID will be blocked and the vehicle will be resold to any other person at sole discretion of seller.
  • Availability of form 36 and other transfer related documents need to be checked with seller before bidding.
  • Seller Reserve the right to reverse approval given for sale as per their company policy.
  • Additional TCS/Taxes applicable on transaction as per Govt of India rules. Please refer to seller for details.
  • Bid Bazaar Auto Pvt Ltd does not stand responsible for any dispute between the Buyer/Bidder and seller.
  • Seller Reserves the right to accept or reject the offer/bid at any time without any reason whatsoever.